Life becomes so interesting once you start playing around in the world of Energy.

I parked my car and got out, heading to an appointment I had with a new client I hadn’t met yet.

As I walked through the parking lot, I could see 3 homeless men approaching me. I thought “Why now? They’re going to ask me for money.”

We came face to face and one of the men smiled and said “You have the most beautiful eyes! I could see you from over there and just wanted to tell you that.” His sincerity shocked me, and I smiled back and told them “Thank you, have a wonderful day.” Wow, not at all what I had expected.

My client arrived as I was done setting up my treatment room. As we sat down to do an intake, he said “I was sitting out in the parking lot waiting, and I saw you talking with those 3 homeless men. I don’t know what you said to them, but your interaction was so incredible and the way you smiled at them, I KNOW you can help me heal. I’m so happy I’m here.”

And this is the wonderful world of Energy. That homeless man was an angel there for my client, not for me at all. I was just part of the flow that needed to happen.

This is how life happens all the time. Sometimes you’ll know, and sometimes you won’t.

~ Cynthia