Medical QiGong Energy Healing – Esoteric Techniques
9 Week Course 4/15/24 – 6/17/24
Mondays 5-7pm
Register online or by phone 907-279-7669

In the Esoteric Techniques section of the Medical QiGong we work with special healing methods that are considered more abstract and mystical.  They have deep spiritual implications and are the kinds of treatments that all energy healers doing clinical work should, at some point, learn.

This course will cover 3 treatments that can each be used alone, and they can also build on each other and be used in a series of consecutive treatments.  The methods are:

  1. Dragons: This is one of the best treatments I know for dealing with “negative energy” issues.  Imagine having a Dragon spirit animal to work with you.  Yes, it’s a strong treatment and you want this in your toolbox.  I won’t be teaching this one again for at least another year.
  2. Windows Of The Sky: I originally learned this treatment as a way to connect with divine insight.  It has some wonderful cognitive uses because of the way it energizes acupoints surrounding the brain.  Many people report a deep altered state leading this treatment to be useful in doing along with past-life regression work.
  3. Ma Dan Yang’s 12 Points Of Longevity: Created by a Taoist master of alchemical elixirs, this 12-acupoint combination is a superb Qi Tonic.  It is excellent for practitioners to use on themselves, and as a clinical treatment to build and revitalize Qi.

Supply List: (will discuss details in first class)

  • 7 small pieces of Flourite, octagon shaped if available
  • 8 small pieces of Apophyllite, you can often find Apophyllite Tips, OR Smoky Quartz
  • 12 small stones that Tonify Qi – all 12 can be the same OR 6-pairs of 2 same stones.  Choose stones that draw you from: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Garnet, Peridot, Turquoise, Apatite, Larimar, Citrine
  • Masking Tape
  • (optional) Tuning Forks: (unweighted) 174hz and 528hz, (weighted) your choice
    my favorite source is:  however use forks you really like
  • Esoteric Essential Oil Blend will be supplied for class use
  • Recommended Book:  Stone Medicine by Leslie Franks