Background To 5-Element Constellations

This is my experience of the 5-Element Constellations workshop recently hosted by Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.  The presenter/facilitator was John Cheney, who 18 years ago, developed this unique 5-Element overlay to the base method “Family Constellations”.

My only reference to Family Constellations was from the Netflix short-series from Turkey, “Another Self” which I really enjoyed.  This series did a nice job of showing how an energy healing takes place and then events unfold in a flow of odd synchronicities afterwards, bringing us along an intertwined healing journey.

Constellations are done in a facilitated group setting, with one ‘working participant’, sometimes called a “Seeker”, who has an issue they want to work on.  For example, generational trauma, family dynamics, and health issues are popular.

The facilitator talks with the Seeker to get a good sense of the issue, then asks the Seeker to choose people from the group to play parts.  So one person will play you, and other people play each of your 5-Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal).

Here’s where it gets interesting:

The Seeker places their hands on the shoulders of each person as says “You are Me”, “You are my Water”, “You are my Wood”, etc.  An energy exchange happens that you can actually feel.

With the Seeker only observing, the facilitator goes up to one Player and asks “What do you feel?”  This person describes any physical sensations in their body.  The facilitator asks each Player, and they all answer with physical sensations.

If there are any feelings of discomfort or blockage, the facilitator used tuning forks on acupressure points to clear the energy.  This happened fast and was very effective.

Tuning Forks

As the facilitator continued to ask Players how they feel now and how they feel when they look at another Player, the answers started to expand from the physical into another level, such as “I feel sad when I look at that Player”, or “My head won’t turn, I don’t want to see them.”

Eventually the interactions turned into sentences and highly intuitive emotional feelings.

The facilitator continues to clear energy and work with the Players until there is a healing shift – it’s very apparent when this happens.  At this point the Seeker is called into the group and is offered to accept – or not – the energy of the entire group interaction.

The Seeker also, having observed all the Players throughout having their energy tuned and cleared, gains incredible insights and sees their issue from a very different perspective.  A different perspective can be incredibly healing because it gets us out of our stuck story.

Generational Trauma

Note On Ancestral/Generational Trauma:

At certain times the facilitator brought out additional Players to play the part of a grandparent, aunt/uncle, deceased sibling or unknown biological parent, and great-grandparents, great-great, and so on.

If, for example, a parent Player couldn’t look at the grandparent Player, the grandparent would be physically turned around.  This physically turning around sometimes included several generations which let us visually SEE and experience the impact that one very distant relative can have down the line to where we are now.  WOW.

Native Americans have a saying that completely brings this to life: “Make all of your decisions knowing that you will impact the next 7 generations.” 

Remote Viewing Psychic Phenomenon

The Psychic Connection And How It Happens, My Perspective:

Over the past I’ve taken some interesting classes in Remote Viewing (RV), a technical psychic phenomenon.  In RV, you have a Target or an Intention that you tap into, very often blind, which means you don’t know what it is.

There is an internal feeling that happens when you connect with the Target.  You then move your body around and notice physical sensations that happen, describing them and how they make you feel.

Once you connect and start getting associated feelings, you are technically In The Field, the unified field that connects all things in the Universe.  This is the consciousness playground you have entered.

As the information begins to flow, stronger impressions happen, and you gather descriptive details up to the point that you’re finished and the information has stopped flowing.  Normally this information is given to a ‘tasker’ who has access to the original Target, and reviews the relevance of your information to the Target, then gives you feedback so you can refine your skills.

THIS, to me, is very close to what we did in the 5-Element Constellations.  Players became a kind of Remote Viewer, tapped into the Field, and got an intuitive flow of information that was highly relevant and meaningful to the situation, all masterfully facilitated.

So, do I recommend 5-Element Constellations?

Yes.  Playing in the Field and experiencing the connections and intuitive progression of feelings moving to emotions then becoming hidden dynamics of the issue, and seeing this interaction in a 3-D embodiment of the Elements was hugely insightful.

Many interesting nuances happened on the subconscious level, and I know the unfolding of the healing journey has begun for all those who participated.

Playing in the Field like this will also enhance and refine many aspects within Energy Healing for all types of energy practitioners.

Side Note On After Care:

A majority of the participants, including myself, really felt the need to get a massage or receive energy work a few days post-workshop.  You could undeniably feel how playing in all of that information in the Field impacted your body and you HAVE to let your bodymind and nervous system integrate what just happened.