We are a group of elegant professional healers who work in a variety of methods including Massage, Energy Healing, Tuning Forks, Herbs, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, and more, sharing our passion for this work. We’ll post our thoughts and insights, methods, interests, and inspirations. We are happiest in life helping others find the health and emotional balance that brings out the spark of spirit – essence that is in all of our hearts.

Which Modality To Use?

March 4th, 2023|

A few years ago I had the honor to exchange sessions with an internationally known healer who happened to be passing through Anchorage.   As he was asking about the different modalities that I work with [...]

Dreaming To Heal?

January 19th, 2023|

I had a big insight today!  I’ve been deeply pondering the relationship between Energy Healing and dreams for months now. While we dream, our subconscious mind processes as much as it can about whatever happened [...]

Taoist Bone Breathing

January 14th, 2023|

Ancient Taoists had several major areas of interest that include developing higher states of consciousness, seeking the greatest human potential, and a partnership with nature to reach incredible lengths of longevity in both happiness and [...]

Clearing Cellular Memory

April 2nd, 2022|

Several years ago as I was watching the sunrise I ‘received’ the most profound message: “Pay Attention To The Light”.  It was one of those Spirit messages that deeply compels you to listen and act [...]

Shamanic Tattoo

February 5th, 2022|

Synchronicity is not linear, its has conscious tendrils that connect events together. Last week in the advanced acupressure massage class I teach, we talked about Source Points, also called Yuan Source Points, and the nature [...]

  • Taoist Soul Level Healing

Taoist Soul Level Healing

January 16th, 2022|

The Taoists say there are 3 levels of healing: (Wei Level) Physical healing – just addressing physical symptoms is the lowest level. (Ying Level) Emotional healing – beginning to connect our emotions to physical symptoms [...]


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