Free Intro:  Monday 1/8/24, 5-7pm

9-Week Course:  Mondays, 5-7pm,  1/15/24 – 3/11/24

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Anchorage, AK 99503

This course teaches how to use Medical QiGong Energy Healing in the clinical setting, designed for massage therapists, energy healing practitioners (of any style), and also self-interest.

The Metal Element holds the energy of experiences that touch the deepest core of our being – in ways that lift us up (think awe-inspiring), and also in ways that crush us (like grief and loss).

Metal is associated with our Lungs and Colon.  This includes respiratory health and the cleansing and detoxifying part of our digestion, also called the part of us that lets go of what is toxic to us.

One of the most interesting things about using Energy Healing with our Metal Element is that we can learn to use the uplifting aspects to heal the deepest wounds.  There are exquisite ways to engage our mind and breath to assist with this.

Learning to work with the Metal Element will bring an exciting frequency into our Energy Healing practice, both for ourselves as practitioners, and for our clients.  Experience self-healing first, and learn how to translate this into an Energy Healing session for someone else.

If you love all things Energy, you’ll absolutely love adding this into your practice!

Stones For Metal Element:

Clear quartz – at least 8 small pieces

Any other clear, white stones or actual metals that call you such as:  selenite, barite, howlite, fluorite, moonstone, diamond, Herkimer diamond, mica, gold, silver, pyrite, copper, iron

Additional supplies:

Masking tape