Mondays 5:00-7:00pm
9 weeks: 4/3/23 – 6/4/23
To Register: 907-279-7669
Dream Activations for practitioner development, and Clinical Treatments for the Wood Element

Dreams are the realm of the Hun, the Spirit of the Liver. Dreams are also an essential part of healing because they are the place our subconscious mind processes all of our experiences. Unprocessed information is a form of energetic blockages. Dreaming is also a form of Spirit travel, similar to Astral Projection, where we can communicate, learn things, and set intentions.

In this class we will focus on energetic methods to activate dreams for practitioners to use on themselves, and also learn how to do clinical treatments with Energy Healing for the Wood Element.

Materials List: (We’ll go over these in the 1st class)
8 small clear quartz
2 small stones of each color: Red, Green, Yellow
4 small purple stones
8 small green stones
1 dreaming stone (labradorite, larimar, moonstone, or other of
your choice)
Tuning Forks:
528 Hz and 174Hz – unweighted
Recommended Book:
Stone Medicine by Leslie Franks
Roll of masking tape
Dream journal