A few years ago I had the honor to exchange sessions with an internationally known healer who happened to be passing through Anchorage.   As he was asking about the different modalities that I work with and what I would choose to use for his session, the thought struck me – and I said it out loud – “Hand me a rock and I can use it to heal.”

What I profoundly understood in that moment is that the modality didn’t matter.  I AM the energy, and how I cultivate myself is more important than any tools I use.  The more I do my self-work, the more I can be of service to others.

I’ve studied many methods over the years and use them in my private practice.  My energy, as the practitioner, runs through all of them and takes on my tone.  What an interesting responsibility to have.  That’s why Healing is called Sacred Work.  It truly is.

I know it doesn’t mean I have to be “perfect” and that’s a really good thing because I can’t not be human.  There’s a lot of 3D life stuff here to enjoy that may appear to have non-spiritual benefits – like coffee, chocolate, stupid funny movies, techno rave dancing, and Netflix binges.

It means I need to live with awareness, and live from my Heart often enough that it’s a very comfortable space to be in, and I can easily call it up when needed.  And this is like my Taoist title, Shima (Mother Teacher).  One of my teachers said once “Do you want me to answer that as Shifu, or as Warren?”  One is with Heart awareness, and the other is ego personality.  We have both and they can co-exist beautifully.

So with all of this, I still LOVE learning and using various modalities.  It’s so much fun to explore all of the tools, from ancient knowledge to future inventions.  Part of healing work is providing a deeply meaningful experience to the people we work with, and tools/methods are a substantial way of doing this.

Humans, on our journey to remember we are Light, require 3D physical “proof”.

I love this understanding because it validates all of the thousands of healing modalities that we humans have and use – Yes, they all work for someone.  Work with what you connect to, what completely draws your interest and intensifies your curiosity, what brings you to that state of Awe.  Just remember that YOU are the most important healing tool/modality that you will ever learn or use.

May You Be Blessed With Light,
~ Cynthia