I had a big insight today!  I’ve been deeply pondering the relationship between Energy Healing and dreams for months now.

While we dream, our subconscious mind processes as much as it can about whatever happened today.  But what happens if it doesn’t process enough, OR we don’t sleep sufficiently to dream so the processing doesn’t have a chance to happen?

NOTE 1: we don’t have to remember our dreams for the processing to take place, but we do need to get into that actual REM dream state several times a night.

NOTE 2: one of the huge signs that chronic and severe illness is finally healing is that the person realizes they start dreaming again.  We have no idea how important this processing is!

So – if our dreams that night don’t process everything, whatever is leftover has to go somewhere.  It’s at this point that it goes from Mind (Energy) to Body (Matter), and literal emotional molecules of residue get absorbed into our Lymph fluid, aka our Psychological Buffer, which is a major part of our detox system.  Here it must either be physically cleansed from the body, or it will linger and even build up as more unprocessed information accumulates.

Next – we must have a certain amount of Qi Vitality in order to dream.  When our Qi is stuck, blocked, or drained, it affects our dreams AND our health.  Insomnia and other sleep issues that don’t allow us to dream well if at all create the situation for toxic lymph accumulations which are then associated with inflammation, chronic disease, and even cancer.

Does this make sense so far?  Good!

Energy Healing is basically about having the goal of putting us back onto our Life Path in the direction of our Life Purpose.  This is why Energy Healing stimulates dreaming – because it connects with the non-physical, the subconscious mind, and through this activates the dreaming process that is required to clean out the noise (accumulated lymph toxicity) that blocks the vision of our path/purpose.  Toxic lymph covers up the frequency of our truth.

As I’ve been studying Color & Light therapies and using them both on myself and in my clinical work, I noticed that over the past year there were 3 times that I completely CRAVED a specific Colorpuncture® Light Treatment that you do before bed to stimulate dreaming.  It is done for 8 consecutive nights, and it uses Light as communication that informs the Qi and cells on both an energetic and subconscious level, telling the body to dream and process.

Each time I do this treatment I sleep fantastic and I’m also very aware that I’m dreaming.  I don’t necessarily remember the dreams, it’s more knowing that something deep inside that needs to process is moving, and that movement feels SOOOO GOOOOD.  After the treatments I feel much more clear and motivated, and unstuck from something I didn’t even know I was stuck in.

I used to keep a dream journal, almost every day from age 18 to somewhere in my 30s. After my kids were born I slowed down on that, but it’s feeling like time to start it back up again.

Dream journaling – especially when written in cursive (which connects to our subconscious), is an excellent way to refine the processing even more.  And it allows us to see the absolute power we have in dreaming as we notice visitations, teachings, astral travel, and super-creative interdimensional problem solving.

I hope this inspires you to look at dreams a little differently, and maybe even Journal your REM adventures.

May you be blessed with Light,