Many years ago my friend, Betsy, was going through the Barbara Brennan Hands of Light training and needed a case study to work on, so I volunteered.

I was so intrigued by Energy Healing and excited to experience it. Not really knowing what to expect, I laid down on her massage table and settled in to a profound relaxation.

The one thing I remember to this day is opening my eyes at one point because it felt like 100 hands were gently touching me from above. I didn’t see anyone else, but even with my eyes open I could still feel it. I was receiving an incredible amount of loving energy.

I also experienced many of the common things that most people report: subtle movement sensations inside and around my body, magnetic pulsing, warmth or heat in different places, color visualizations in my mind, and a wonderful sense of overall well-being.

Once we experience energy sensations we don’t forget how it feels, and we begin to become more aware of how often this actually happens. Our sensations refine with time, and our understanding of the meaning the sensations convey often increases in direct proportion to increased intuition. We’re learning the language of Energy, song of the Heart.

I don’t remember at what point Energy became as normal and natural as Physical. To me, it makes life even more fun.