Wonderfully strange things can happen with Energy Healing. These are copies of 2 emails I sent to a woman named Jennifer who did a distant Reconnective Energy Healing session with me in 2013. In exchange, I included her in a group distant Medical QiGong Energy Healing session.

Hi Jennifer,

I’ll share this right now while it’s fresh:

I set a timer to go off at 3:35, then laid down a few minutes before 3:00 and started to breathe/meditate and I intended to allow your energetic connection. Several minutes into it all, I saw (in my mind) an eye. It saw me and the pupil became a whirlpool that sucked in everything around me, then stopped. For the next few minutes I felt tingling movement, slight pressure going up and down my body. I had a light spasm in my right lower leg. At some point – I would guess 8-10 minutes, my teeth started to spontaneously move like shivering, only there was no tension or sensation of being cold at all. I just allowed it, and this came and went in rushes for maybe 2-3 minutes.

After this, I felt a variety of energetic pressure type sensations. At one point it was very clearly underneath me, then changed to where I could clearly feel over me, on my left side, then right side, at my head.

I “saw” eyes several times. A man that looked like Jesus (I’m kind of laughing here because I don’t follow any Christian religion) looked at me and as his eyes came closer he was looking directly into my right eye and I had intense energy sensations there for a while.

My teeth shook again, just briefly.

I felt more energetic pressure sensations moving up and down my overall body. At a certain point the sensations became very vibrational, like my entire body was floating and vibrating at a very fast rate. Then it all stopped and I only felt myself, very quiet and peaceful, altered mind state was gone and I knew it just ended. After a moment I picked up the timer and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was 3:33.

Thank you, it was a wonderful experience and I would welcome any feedback you had on your side.

For the workshop I’m doing, we’ll have a group of names, pictures, and signatures in the middle and the group of participants will send the energy of love and healing to all of those – this is where I will include you 🙂

Thank you!


Hi Jennifer,

This might be of interest to you. On 7/20/13 I facilitated a workshop called ‘Energy Healing, Distant Healing, & Sacred Essential Oils’ as part of an essential oils course I teach. We did a group distant energy healing circle, which I did include your name in. A little over a week later I woke up one morning at 5:55 and heard a voice say “Remember this time, it’s important”. I went back to sleep & dreamed that I should get up, make a fresh fruit/veggie juice, put on a special essential oil blend, and do Tai Chi or Yoga at 5:55am.

About 2 days later someone from the workshop told me that they woke up at 3:33am and noted the unusual time. She tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t and had an internal dream-like vision of the plant spirits from essential oils giving her an exact recipe to make which had to be done at 3:33 under strong moonlight. She made the recipe and it’s like smelling pure ambrosia.

Right after this I saw your tweets about waking up at 1:11, 2:22….. I especially noted it because it was right in the same time period the other triple-numbers were coming up. Now I’m also wondering if the previous distant healing session you did for me is involved somehow.

Then today a student in my class came in and said the oddest thing happened this morning when she woke up at 4:44am.

So now I’ve seen 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55 all come up together with each person connected to the distant healing energy. It seems too unusual to not be some kind of meaningful coincidence. Several of us that have just now heard the other stories were joking today that we opened up some kind of vortex.

If you have any thoughts or insights I’d love to hear them. Enjoy the flow! ~Cynthia