One of the most interesting things that started happening at some point after I had been doing daily Meditation, QiGong, and Tai Chi, was what I can only describe as a “download” of information.

This would be either a full and complete understanding of an idea or concept, or a flow of information coming in like ocean waves – a bit at a time – with just enough time in between each wave to float in the energy of it all.

For example, I had done my morning QiGong and Tai Chi for about 45 minutes and then was sitting in meditation when all of a sudden an entire Class entered my mind. I mean details, the whole thing. I had the outline, agenda, syllabus, and understanding of how to take a group through the information from beginning to end.

I thought about it and questioned it, but there was a Knowing inside that I needed to teach this class. So I put it together on paper, got a space, advertised it, and had 24 people in my first round.

It was a class about the 12-Primary Meridians and 5-Elements, and it is the foundational beginning of the entire portion of Oriental medicine I now teach in our 830 hour Massage Therapy program. I have now taught this to hundreds of people.

Downloads happen in other ways also. I was doing Tai Chi and in the middle of the form I began to feel and understand my energetic connection to the Earth energy, and how connected we are. It looks simple on paper, however to be in the depth of the experience so fully that nothing else exists is a mind-blowing experience.

Here’s a “formula” I use. I will often ingest a few drops of a Flower Essence first.

  1. Set an Intention – I find it works great to ask a question, such as “How does the energy flow of the Dai Mai (Belt Vessel) work in the body/energy field?” Connect with your heart, as if you’re asking the question from your heart, letting it rise up to your 3rd eye, and sending it out.
  2. Let it go and don’t think about it. Just open yourself to Receive.
  3. Empty and Open your mind – meditation, qigong, yoga, tai chi, something where you can really get into that Inner Mind state of stillness and flow.
  4. Journal afterwards.
  5. If you didn’t receive a Knowing Answer, ask the question again – repeat it – as you fall asleep. You will often dream about it. And it might even show up as a spontaneous surprise or coincidence within the next few days.

Have you ever had an Energy Download? Let me know in the comments. I love these experiences!