Every QiGong form has a purpose, provides a message to the body, and tells a story for the Qi to follow.  For example, my favorite Ba Duan Jin (Eight Precious Movements) form tells this story:

The mind wafts down to the depths of blissful silence
Where the sun shines on the water so it can be seen
And clouds part to open towards golden rays
All the way down to the little seed ready to grow, to transform, to Be what it is
Roots reaching down to absorb nourishment
And course this nourishment through every cell ready to awaken, Now
Releasing all shadows that block the light
To feel Truth
To BE Truth
The Heart exquisitely embraces the Divine
So that Yin and Yang sing in perfect harmony
Let It Be So

Have you ever quietly considered what the Qi is doing in your body-mind as you perform the gentle movements with your breath?  It’s poetically eloquent.

We choose different QiGong movements or whole forms based on what the body-mind-spirit needs in order to balance the Yin and Yang. A form is a series of movements that flow together to create a healing story.

There are several hundred different forms that have been created, or intuited – some even say channeled, by various Taoist Masters over hundreds of years.

Each form consists of several movements that can also be used individually.

When first starting out and wanting to choose the best form for you, either consult a QiGong teacher, a  Medical QiGong Energy Healer, or simply find a form on YouTube that feels good and you love doing.

Then do it, preferably at the same time every day, for 100 days.  Beautiful things will happen.

Here’s a link to our YouTube channel.  One of my Medical QiGong Energy Healing classes made some great QiGong videos to share:   https://www.youtube.com/user/OrientalHealingArts

~ Cynthia