When we start to study Energy Healing our life changes. Dramatically. We have to expand our consciousness and our comfort level beyond the physical. This means we have to learn how to see things differently, feel things in very subtle ways, hear whispers of guidance, and transcend our emotions. At least this happens over a period of time, however it’s not just an easy and uneventful transition.

Living in the world of Energy is becoming acutely aware that everything exists first as Energy which then becomes Matter. There are no exceptions.

If you let this sink in, Energy Healing is consciously creating a state within the energy field that has the potential to affect the next physical moment in a beneficial way. We do this through cultivating our hearts, focused intention, and learning to work with the Qi.

When someone comes to one of my Medical QiGong classes for the first time and says they are interested in learning Energy Healing, I know where they are, and where they are going. This is a point of change, of clearing out some of life’s old clutter, and making way for new experiences that include various degrees of strangeness. Strange will become normal.

Interest in Energy Healing happens at a specific point in someone’s evolution as a human being. The evolution to get here may have been building for many lifetimes, and this is now the catalyst point. One thing I know for certain is that once it’s time, the Universe will align to make sure a person is in exactly the right place at the right time to find it.

So I honor every student as a like-minded soul in a tribe where they belong. We are the ones, all over the Earth, who will be creating change in The Field, and ultimately guiding humanity to greater places. It all starts with each one of us, in our own hearts. And collectively we are about to find out how powerful we actually are.

This year, 2020, the energy feels different. I feel it, and I feel overwhelmingly connected to Energy Healers of all modalities everywhere, people that I don’t even know in the physical sense. We are being guided by a force of Light and Love to create order out of the current chaos. Let it be deeply beautiful for us all.

I’ll be expanding more on this topic.

~ Cynthia