My kids went to France and brought me back an incredible metallic Bismuth crystal.  This is one I haven’t worked with before, so I took some time to meet him (it has a male presence).

I want to share this because it’s my process for meeting stones, herbs, essential oils, and such.

First I cleansed and charged Bismuth in my special spot – a large house plant with quartz around the perimeter and several hematite stones on the soil.  I use this because I don’t have a yard.

Quiet Space

I sat down and held Bismuth, just letting my hands begin to feel the energy.  Once I felt the connection, I said in my mind “Hello Bismuth, I’d like to meet you and know how we can work together.”

I waited, quiet, listening with all of my senses because I didn’t know how Bismuth would respond.

I felt my energy field getting heavier and becoming dense, as if my entire aura was being contained by thick heavy metal. Interesting.  I just observed.

This heavy density drew my energy field closer to my physical body.  The heaviness started to seep into my tissues, so heavy, then all the way to my bones.

When I felt this density at my bone level I ‘heard’ the word “RESONATE!” and understood that I was to begin creating a vibration within myself.

Connecting with my heart I began to repeat in my mind “I AM Love”.  I felt this thoughtform being moved outward from the vibration in my bones.

I kept going “I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Healthy, I AM Vibrant” then only “I AM, I AM, I AM” because this vibration felt so good and so right.

I was feeling both the heavy density going down to my bones, and the resonance/vibration emanating outwards, when suddenly I broke out into a full body sweat.  I understood that this resonance was cleansing my aura of anything that didn’t match the vibration I was creating within, mainly “I AM Love”.

I’m not sure how long the sweat and vibration lasted, maybe 3-4 minutes. It felt extremely good.

I “saw” in my mind and understood in Energy Healing to place Bismuth on the Navel (Ren-8) or the 3rd Eye (Yin Tang), it likes those power spots.

I said “Thank You” and felt immense gratitude in my heart.

This is how Bismuth will work with me, in the healing work I do: 

When someone needs a very deep transformation and aura cleansing, placing Bismuth on the Navel or 3rd Eye (one will stand out depending on the person), they will experience an increasing heaviness, and there will be an inflection point at which they should internally recite an “I AM______” intention.

May you be blessed with Light,