The concept of singing things into creation is prevalent in many indigenous cultures around the entire world.  Our voice is a vibration, and to unleash our sound in a pure, focused way has the potential to influence our reality.

Singing Into Creation

Under refined circumstances, our voice has the ability to sync up
and connect with our HeartMind.

Another way of saying this is that the 5th Chakra (throat), which of course can act alone, becomes energized with a completely different vibration when it connects to the circuit formed between the 4th (Heart) and 6th (3rd Eye or Mind) chakras.

When an Energy Healing practitioner uses focused intention from the HeartMind and produces a sound that holds the meaning of that intention, we can sense the difference in quality. There is a deep liminal understanding that this sound is Primordial, in the most spiritual sense of this word.

To give and receive this sound is a sacred act.

Primordial Voice Toning

A person receiving Energy Healing often goes into an altered state, which is a natural part of energetic treatments.

Upon hearing Voice Toning in that altered state, the subconscious mind detects the creative potential, and the appropriate areas of the receiver’s body-mind-spirit complex are able to accept the vibration/tone and, through an alchemical merging, change – heal.

Voice Toning, because it is an internal act, is the most powerful form of sound therapy.  We are able to connect in a way that external instruments like singing bowls and tuning forks – which are still extremely useful – cannot.

The internal voice and external instruments are two different distinct attributes of sound therapies.

The external is here for us to use, play with, and learn from, yet it twill never be as pure as our internal voice – once our internal voice is awakened and synced with our HeartMind.

There are challenging areas we may have to acknowledge and transcend in order to use our energetic voice in the most effective way.

  • Are we afraid to speak, speak up, or project our voice?
  • Are we intimidated about singing out loud?
  • Do we think we’re not good enough?
  • What if others judge our voice?
  • What if our voice tone comes out scratchy, convoluted, or weak?
  • What if the receiver or others around think it’s just weird?

As we work through issues like these and any others that come up, we grow more strongly into our True Self.  Healers will find a direct connection to the art of Creation.

Is it ultimately our Higher Self who creates the tone through us when we connect our voice to our HeartMind?  Is the combination of our 4th, 5th, and 6th Chakras a portal of communication for our Higher Self?

I believe the answer is a profoundly simple YES.

May You Be Blessed With Light and Sound,

PS:  I’ll be posting an upcoming video on How To Do 5-Element Voice Toning, watch for it.