She was seated in the middle, with a group of 8 in a circle around her.  Diagnosis was a painful bone condition.

As we held our hands out to channel Energy, we used guided imagery of nature:  hiking in her favorite area, breathing in the pure fresh air, her body feeling strong and grounded.

After reaching a clearing at the top, the Northern Lights appeared.  Looking up to draw in their beauty, they begin to descend, surrounding her with a wispy end entering her body, the light going to the areas of bone and healing them.

We all felt the Energy increase, feeling the connection of the group becoming stronger and more palpable as we held the space with open Hearts.

Afterwards, she reported the experience was beautiful and she could feel the Northern Lights working inside of her.

There is something about the Spirit of Nature that we deeply connect with, and we feel the healing energy “doing something”.  When this happens the results can be profound.

I love to use the vibration or drumbeat of the Earth, the sunlight creating a rainbow over the ocean, the sound of a stream flowing over rocks that sings a song.  The images are endless and the perfect one often appears, as if offering itself to heal.

QiGong also draws Qi from nature.  It is often done outside where we can absorb ourselves in the sounds, smells, feelings, and even specific colors.  Have you ever meditated with a tree?

Sometimes I’ve taken students on a QiGong Walk where we see the elements of Nature and draw them into our internal organs:  sunshine and flowers to the Heart, berries and the ground under our feet to our Spleen/Pancreas, rocks to our Lungs, morning dew or a lake to our Kidneys, and trees to our Liver.

The combination of these elements becomes a symphony that puts us – as part of it – back in tune.

With deep gratitude,