Homework in Medical Qigong Energy Healing class was to use concepts in the Water Element to create a sacred space for practicing meditation and QiGong.

As we use our sacred space, the energy – over time – begins to change.  Those who are sensitive can feel a “shift” when walking near or into the space.  Animals often respond in some way to the space also.  If you have ever been to a beautiful cathedral, a special site like the Lourdes Healing Waters in France, or maybe Stonehenge in England or Sedona Arizona in the southern U.S., you may have felt a very strong shift in the energy.  How would you describe that feeling?

Jolene shared this photo.  She used the colors Blue and Black, collected a bottle of water from a recent rain, and charged all of the crystals under the full Blue Moon.

Vicki shared these 2 photos.  She included some blue crystals in the grid layout, and on the right you can see a jar of water being charged in the center.  Vicki said the water was absolutely delicious!


Sarah, who also teaches a Tai Chi and QiGong class, shared her space.  She chose an elegant Chinese theme with blue porcelain highlights.

Melissa shares her rich blue cloths with blue crystals, blue flowers, and even a sea shell.

We’re working with crystal grids and QiGong as ways to energetically charge water.  The creation of these spaces and using them is such a beautiful experience.  I hope they inspire you.  May your own water reflect your light ~ Cynthia

Do some QiGong with us here:  Healing QiGong For The Water Element