“This is what I saw!” she said and handed me the beautiful painting shown above.  V had come in for a HypnoEnergy session, wanting to be able to see energy.  (shared with permission)

During the session her guides communicated directions for a very clear ceremony she was to do with water and crystals on her land.

Later, as she was doing the ceremony, she began to see lights in a Flower of Life design.  She saw shapes, colors, and rays swirling in the air and around the glass water container sitting on the Earth.

“I kept on wondering if this was real or my imagination, so I would close my eyes and open them back up and the lights were still there, just as real as I see everything else.  It was AMAZING!”

The lights infused the water, which she actually took a picture of and showed me – you can see water glowing with purple and green misty light.  Then she drank the water.

V has continued to see energy and lights since this time.

When you connect to something like this, it really makes you look at how limited we think we are, and how crazy unlimited we actually are.  You can never unsee this, and life is never the same again.

It’s time to cultivate this part of ourselves – NOW.  It’s time to be more than who you thought you were.  WE.  OUR.  US. ONE LIGHT.

May you be so blessed with Light,