Not everyone will be ready to read this, and that’s ok.  These words flow for those that are.  It takes a great deal of depth and soul searching to walk onto the path of observing our own emotions, of stepping out of the details and guiding our spiritual curiosity to become aware of what is going on beyond 3D.

I have no judgement any longer about where someone is at, because we’re all growing and evolving together, and we’re all going to the same place in the long run, so no rush.  It’s all about the process, the journey.  Besides, I know now that if I do judge it’s only an aspect of myself showing up – it really has nothing to do with the other person I think I’m judging.  How can I Love More?

The energy of the world right now is changing more dramatically than we realize.  There is an intense and almost urgent opportunity to transcend anything and everything that has been holding us down, holding us back from boldly stepping into our True Nature.  We are spiritual beings learning as much as we can in this sacred human experience.

It’s time, NOW, to let go of what is toxic to us, forgive ourselves and others, and relish in self-love.  This is why all of the harshest triggers are showing up.  Every emotional trigger is the biggest opportunity.  There is bliss on the other side of them all, the bliss we have been screaming for.

Jealousy, fear, greed, shame, anger, hatred, disgust, and all the others related.  They make us feel so separate and so righteous and so hurt, and these feelings seem powerful.  Only they block us from our Truth as they drain our energy, dim our light.

So what to do?

Feel the triggering emotion and acknowledge it.  Wow, I feel so much (choose your trigger) for that person /situation right now.

Whatever the details are, and all the reasons you’re right and they’re wrong – STOP.  The details are an illusion that offers the gift of opportunity, the reason your spirit came into this life to learn and grow.

I can’t say that strongly enough – the details are an illusion.  What is an illusion?  It’s a magic trick to make you think you see something that’s not actually there.  When we believe the illusion we stay stuck in the illusion – stuck in the details – stuck in the trigger.  The only way out of the illusion is to first know that’s what it is.

If it’s not real, then what is?  As soon as we begin to question it, to doubt the illusion, to look for the truth, we have shifted the energy.   What could my spirit possibly want to learn from this?  How can I bring myself to find compassion, kindness, unconditional love, connection right now?  This is the type of questioning that opens the path to Truth, to transcending the Illusion.

Energy healing is one of the most profound ways of navigating the opening of the pathway to Truth.  We can form a clear Intention and allow Spirit to guide the session.  The answer to all of this can only be perceived in your own heart.  Ask to perceive it, sincerely, from the depth of your soul, and allow yourself to brazenly transform as you shed the old snakeskin that was formed from programming that no longer serves you.

May you be blessed with Light,