I thought about this deeply, after a fascinating conversation I had with my friend Joan who is in New York.  These are beliefs that I base my life actions on.  This is how I have learned to think by doing Energy Healing work and seeing that there is so much more than just the physical going on.

The physical, which I also call 3D (3rd dimension, like when my kids argue and I say “That’s SOOOO 3D.”) is where problems, stress, heavy emotions, uncertainty, and everything on this line exists.  Of course there are good things too, but what is beyond the problems?  It’s the question that, once asked, begins to lead us on a very different journey, one that steps out of the box.

Step out of the box and how far can we go?  I’m having an absolute blast in life exploring this question.   I don’t want to go back in the box, so how do I need to think, act, and live in this less-than-physical dimension, the place of More Light, More Love, More Acceptance, More Joy?

Where the mind goes, the Qi will follow.
Where I put my attention is what I give my energy to.  What is worth receiving MY valuable life force?  If there’s something I don’t like, I don’t put my attention towards that – I focus on what I DO want.  For example, if I don’t like all of the negativity the news headlines promote, I ignore them  – yes completely ignore them – and focus on something uplifting that I love.  That’s where I offer MY life force.  Another way of saying this is What you pay attention to, you feed with your precious energy.  Choose carefully.  If you don’t want to donate money to someone’s political campaign, then why donate your energy?  If you want the virus to go away, don’t dwell obsessively on every detail about it.  Immerse your mind in a daydream about the aroma of the most beautiful flower in the Universe, and watch what happens.  (NOTE: This is not being oblivious to what is going on. It’s consciously choosing where to place my energy and where not to. There is a difference.)

Everything in life happens FOR me.
This is my life, my experience, my spiritual growth.  If it’s in my awareness, it offers something useful to my journey in this lifetime.  Sometimes I just need to be creative enough to see that.  All the crazy stuff happening in the world right now?  It’s an opportunity for all of us to grow exponentially.  We’re having to transcend Fear, Anger, Hatred, Separation, and the Victim Mindset on so many different levels.  This is fantastic, because the only way to transcend these is to stare them straight in the eye until you see their light, then say I Love You for helping me let go, forgive, and care more deeply than I ever imagined I could.

My world takes care of me.
This is a choice I chose to believe one day.  I love the way it makes me feel to believe this.  My world is taking care of me right now – I have nothing to fear.

Bottom line – it all comes down to this.  Especially in a situation that tries to swing those really heavy emotions around.  Terrorist attack?  How can I Love More?  Person who I felt betrayed by?  How can I Love More?  All the people on social media who force their righteous opinions?  How can I Love More?  Politics I disagree with?  How can I Love More?  ETC…..  AND I have to really, truly, sincerely, deeply figure this out and DO IT – in my heart, genuinely.  This is pure Bliss!

It’s All Me – We’re All One – Oneness
I thoroughly believe this.  We are all here to help each other remember this.  It’s like being a Marine – No Man Left Behind.  No one left behind – not the bad guys, the haters, the perpetrators – they need the energy of Love more than anyone, because they obviously don’t have enough.  May I have such an abundance of Love and Compassion, and the Heart to share with people who need it so much, because they are me, they are us.  Thank you.

Shine light on the darkness and open our eyes because
Life is Beautiful,