My client booked a consultation because something strange and disconcerting was happening during their meditations.  A “wormhole” would appear in their mind, and if they entered it there was the feeling that they would Poof – Disappear.  What’s going on?  Is it ok?  What do I do?

Actually, this is a common experience.  Has it happened to you?

It happened to me at one point.  I was meditating every day for 30-min to 1 hour each time.  One day the wormhole appeared and seemed to want me to go in and explore.  I understand the feeling of fear, of going somewhere beyond this reality.  If I go will this reality be here when I get back, or am I leaving forever?

I decided to go in.  Several times I rode the wormhole just enough to get a feel for it, and then emerged.  Good to know you can easily get back out.  My comfort level increased.

Then I decided to go all in, and ride it as far as I could.  That was weird.

I eventually came to a place where I saw a yellow Light Being ahead.  We just looked at each other for a long time.  It saw me also.  It was beautiful, like an understanding of love flowing back and forth.

I only saw it once, and I’ll never forget it.  My Light friend.

Now wormholes are fun to explore. How deep can we go?

May you be blessed with Light,