Have you ever closed your eyes while eating Indian food and let your taste buds try to guess the fantastically delicious spices infused into each mouth-watering bite?  Every single spice has a purpose for being used, and the combination is an aromatic masterpiece for overall digestion.  Pure artistry!

To me, this is just like Healing work – a masterful blending of modalities into something that fully satiates both the giver and receiver.

I know sometimes it upsets people who think a technique should be orthodox, and there are wonderful practitioners who apply this – it’s just not my way.  I’m an artist at heart, and I am compelled to choose among eloquent materials available to create the most magnificent blend possible for each person I see.

I also love to change and grow, always deepening my knowledge and exploring fascinating tangents discovered through intuition or the whisper of Spirit.  This is how I happened upon Hypnosis, and I absolutely adore working with the power of our mind.

In the beginning of my hypnosis practice I had several clients who asked for a session in order to enhance their perception of Energy.  What an interesting idea!  This worked out so well, with people being able to experience vibrant colors and strong energy sensations flowing in their meridians.

It was especially strong when we would connect with their spirit guides or similar beings who would initiate light and energy for healing purposes or special insights.  At these times the energy of the entire room would shift so I could also feel it.

I decided to try this the other way around – doing Energy Work during a hypnosis session for something general, like changing an old habit.  Not everyone wants energy work, but for those that do, this helps me to establish an even better flow with the person.  It’s like a wave of energy connects us and the right words become a stream of consciousness.

And so the wonderful combination of Hypnosis and Energy Work formed – HypnoEnergy.

May your mind expand to realms unimaginably beautiful,