Time is a subjective experience.  One saying I heard is 2-minutes can be forever or super-fast depending on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.  So why can it feel so drastically different?

The more I think about this, the more I sense that as we shift into higher levels of consciousness, the realm of time changes immensely.

There really isn’t any Time in our dreams.  Think about that – we maneuver and accept this dream world where all kinds of strange things happen.  If you try to explain a dream you have to change the language and imagery to make sense in Time and Space, because otherwise there is no way to speak it.

How would our language be if we could explain a dream exactly as we recall it happened?  Wow, this is actually quite mind-blowing to consider.  Would we need completely new words, or a totally different form of expression?

When I’m doing something I love, I get lost in just Being and hours can go by that seem like nothing.  At the same time if I don’t like something I’m doing Time drags on and on, heavy, a burden.

Stress speeds Time up and turns it into a force that limits and controls us.  Happiness slows Time down so we can savor so much detail in moments that elegantly float along.

Time is both fast and slow, exists and doesn’t exist.  It all depends on our state of Mind as to what our experience will be.  Hmmmm….. this seems important.

Then we are told that the moment of NOW is all there really is.  Can anyone prove that yesterday actually existed?  And the future hasn’t happened yet, so the wave of possibilities has not yet become the particles that form matter.

Energy Healing works with the wave of possibilities, to influence and create the next moment into something beautifully beneficial.  Energy Healing also transcends Space.  More on this later.

One interesting aspect of Hypnosis is used to find the memory of a past event, reframe it, and thereby heal every related event along the timeline between then and now.  (Note to self: Yes, this is a form of time-travel.)

Since Time completely relies on our subjective experience, it’s not a constant thing even though we are taught that this is truth. What if we only believe in static Time because we were told to do so?  Change our belief and what happens?

Maybe questioning Time and beginning to transcend it opens a doorway to expand our consciousness.  After all, Shamans don’t call it Fluid Reality for no reason.

May you be blessed with an epiphany of non-linear time,