I have a vision of a crystal healing garden.  It’s a place that touches all of the senses.  Walking out the back doors into the warm air, stepping down to feel the soft grass under bare feet.  You can close your eyes and hear the birds singing happily, smell the nearby ocean waves that carry the soft sweet scent of flowers through the air, sensing the vibration of sunlight amplified through all of the crystals into hundreds of tiny dancing rainbows.

I wonder if I’d have the crystals hanging down from branches or a beautiful wooden pergola, or if the crystals would be large enough to place in various power spots on the ground.  Maybe both.

It’s so easy to find the perfect place to sit and allow your mind to drift into an altered state, an awareness of expanded consciousness, the perfect resonance to receive.

Internally, telling your mind to “Shift”, then holding open your palms, the swirl of energetic sensations begins, taking you beyond the ordinary into the realm of higher communication.  You listen.

What would you ask, if you could ask all of the energy in the Universe anything you wanted?  Would you ask how to heal, how to release heavy emotions or past trauma, or how to live your dreams?  Or would you ask something entirely different?

Imagine what it might feel like to receive the answer.  A strong vibration washes over you, so noticeable that you are instantly aware of the Shift.  You become soft, to feel the vibration.  A combination of images and sentences begin to pour in – mind thoughts – as you interpret the meaning into the DNA inside all of your cells.  You are absorbing the information, the answer you asked for, on the deepest level.  It changes you, a noetic epiphany.

How much time has passed?  Time doesn’t even exist right now.  Only the intense sensation of the vibrational communication, leaving its imprint like the dream of a kiss from your lover waking you up, and you’re alone – but you’re not.

And with that feeling, the physical memory of that touch, you can leave the garden.  Changed.  Your light brighter, your frequency higher, the gift that you bring to this life ready to burst out in a flow of passionate fun!

This is my vision, the place I want to create, where beautiful souls can visit and heal and strengthen the energetic portal each time it opens to breathe in and out.

May you be blessed with Light,