When I do a hypnosis session, I always want to begin with a strong intention statement, because this statement is like a secret mission for the subconscious mind to go on.

Out of all the millions of things going on in your life-complex, what do you want to have happen?  And what is the best way to language this to your subconscious mind?

I like to listen to someone talk for a while first, to really hear some of the interesting details they may not be aware of, and ask questions to help draw out the deeper words or imagery we can use.

To do this on your own, I strongly suggest that you get out a pen and piece of paper and just start auto-writing about the topic you want to change.  Really get into the reasons and explore your thoughts about it.

Oh – and write in cursive. Why? It stimulates your subconscious mind, and this is where the roots of change and creativity are.

After you’ve written about your topic of interest, go back and read it, and look for specific words or terms that stand out in some way. Also look for things you can ask “why” about.

For example:  “I wish I had more space.”  Why?  “Because I like to have more room, it feels bigger.”  Why do you want more room?  “Because I feel like I have too much stuff.”  Why?  “Because, I don’t know, I guess I never get rid of any of it.” Why?  “Hmmm….I’d rather do things that are more fun. If I think about cleaning I think it’s not fun. But I like it when I just do it and it looks so much better afterwards.”

See in this example how if we just said “I wish I had more space”, we wouldn’t get to the deeper essence of the issue which is having fun.

So in this case, an intention statement might be:  “I want to find more fun in my life, in everything I do, so that cleaning is laughingly fun, and then I’m even happier when I look at how much fun I had making my space beautiful!”

Always state it in the positive – what you DO want.  And the more animated and exciting the statement, the better.  If your statement is boring you haven’t flushed it out enough yet.  Go back and dive into more detail, until you find the part that makes you yell “YES! That’s it!”

One more tip. Keep it concise and focused around one concept.  If you start getting too involved, such as “I want more money and to be thinner and call my mom more.”  you’re spreading the energy out too much.  Stay on topic, and if you have a lot then prioritize and start with the thing that will have the most dramatically positive effect on your life.

Once you have your fabulous intention statement, what do you do with it?

Get out some more blank paper and right before you go to sleep each night, write it out in cursive.  Think about what it would feel like to have this in your life, and fall asleep in this feeling.  Your subconscious mind will have so much fun working on this while you sleep.  You may even have significant dreams about it.  Do this for 7 nights straight, and know it is in process.

Bella Ciao!