Update 4/8/24: I’ve renamed this post because I recently became aware of a phenomenon called “Shared Near Death Experience” and I believe now this is what happened.  It has had a remarkable effect on shaping my viewpoint of transitioning beyond this life.

I’ve been working with Taoist Stone Medicine lately and I had a powerfully profound experience. I hope I can find the words to describe what happened.

From my journal, 10/2/21:  Sleeping with Green Tourmaline under my pillow.  In my dream I see my Mom.  She’s so young, just like when I was a little girl.  She says to me “There’s not much time left.”

Several times before this I’ve ‘known’ when someone died, so I’m not sure if this is related to the stone or not but I’m leaving it in because of what happened next.  My mom was 85, alive, and even though there were health issues there was no immediate concern.

I decided to work with Moonstone next.  The moonstone I have isn’t the prettiest stone and not one I would have chosen to work with by the way it looked, but something about it drew me so strongly that I had to work with it.

In bed that night I asked it to show me what it does, how it will work with me.  I placed it directly on my 3rd chakra and started to fall asleep.

My entire body vibrated.  Literally.  I relaxed into the vibration and just felt it, having no idea what it was doing but accepting it, and fell asleep.  At some point I did wake up enough to put the moonstone under my pillow.

2 days later my mom ended up in ICU and I got an urgent text from my sisters to call her right now on a video conference they set up.  The doctors were going to remove her oxygen mask – per her request – and they said she would go quickly after that.  I got to say goodbye to my beautiful mother who lives 5000 miles away.

She actually held on enough that she was discharged to go home where she wanted to be, a hospice nurse meeting the family there.  This is where everything starts with Moonstone.

That night I slept with it again, first on my 3rd chakra, then at some point under my pillow.  I asked it to help me connect with my mom.

While I was deeply asleep I had a Lucid Dream.  My entire body started to feel that Moonstone vibration again, and I thought of my mom and I morphed into her energy – this is the best way I can describe it. Using the vibration I scanned her energy and could feel that she was still alive.  This was confirmed when I woke up.

She made it through that day so I did this again the next night.  Again I had a Lucid Dream, scanned her energy and could no longer feel it in my core, it was lighter and at the edges of my/her body.  Her brain was hot and tingly and energy – vibration focused there.   I could sense her excitement at being able to see light and spirit beings around her.  Again confirmed when I woke up, and also that she wasn’t drinking any longer.  I figured the dehydration was creating heat in her brain.

Last night I slept with Moonstone again, and again had a Lucid Dream.  I felt the vibration come on, scanned my mom, and could not sense any energy in her body.  All I could feel was my/her crown chakra opening almost exactly like a cervix dilating.  It was a spiral movement around the chakra doing this.  I could almost feel the push.

Maybe 1-2 hours later, still asleep, I had 2nd Lucid Dream.  I felt the vibration come on, scanned my mom, and saw a spiral of energy above her crown chakra, and then galaxies – the cosmos, beautiful, spinning, immense.  I knew she had just passed.  10/12/21, 6:45am my time.

2 minutes later I hear my phone and my sisters called to let me know what I already knew.

I have such a deep respect and love for my Moonstone now – Thank You Teacher, I bow to you.  Never judge by appearance – anyone or anything.

May you be blessed with Light,
~ Cynthia