We are born with an extremely important sense.  This sense is in our hearts, and it is the ability to recognize the frequency of truth.  How did we lose it, and how can we get it back?

Very often when we are young this ability is blinded, usually by well-meaning people that love us and just want our world to be as perfect as possible.

It goes like this:

The parents have just received upsetting news.

Child: “Mom (or Dad or other adult), what’s going on? Is something wrong?”

Parent: “No little one, everything is fine. There is nothing for you to worry about.”

In this scenario, the child has sensed something and then been told that their sense is incorrect.  And as this is reinforced over time, it cuts off our connection to our sense of truth.

Truth has a very specific frequency, and even when our conscious awareness of this frequency has been damaged, we still at some level know.

  • When we perceive the frequency of truth there is a full body relaxation and a softness in our breath.
  • When what we perceive is not the frequency of truth, there is some type of constriction in our body and breath.  This can be anywhere from very subtle to outright blatant.

Exercise: TRY THIS – it’s super fascinating when you see what actually happens in you!

Say out loud “My name is _____________(say your name).”  Notice how your body is relaxed and pay very close attention to your breath.  Say it again if you need to really notice how you respond.

Now say out loud “My name is ____________(make up a name).”  Again, notice exactly how your body and breath respond.  What happens here?

Ask someone else to say this also, so you can feel the frequency from someone else speaking truth and a lie.

Ask another person to tell you the what day today is, and then tell you tomorrow is today, and note exactly how your respond.

Make this a game and start to really notice how your body and breath respond to everything going on around you.

Wake up your conscious awareness in your heart to the frequency of truth.
How good can you get at this?

Energetics of Conspiracy Theories

So basically, when we hear something on the news and there is a level of subconscious awareness within our hearts that does not sense the frequency of truth, we question this – what is really going on?

Then we start to find alternate plausible explanations, no matter how crazy, in a search for the truth frequency.

Correct or not, overall conspiracy theories are initially created as a direct response to our hearts sensing the lack of that truth frequency.

May your heart be blessed with Light and truth,