There’s an interesting study that initially showed Distant Energy Healing doesn’t work.[1]  A medical clinic for plastic surgery provided the patients, which generally fell into two categories:  Women who were receiving reconstructive surgery after breast cancer treatment, and women who were getting breast enhancement surgery for cosmetic reasons.  There was also a control group.

A group of experienced Distant Energy Healers provided the sessions and the results were monitored.  The participants were aware this energy healing was being offered to them.

At the end, it did not appear that Distant Energy Healing had any significant effect, which surprised the researchers directing the study.  They looked over their data and decided to question the participants.

It turns out that the women who had experienced a mastectomy due to breast cancer were very grateful to receive the energy healing, and their surgery wounds did show a significant increase in the rate of healing.

The other group, women who were getting breast enhancement for personal cosmetic reasons, had a different attitude.  There was a sense that they didn’t have to take as much responsibility in their healing process because someone else was doing it for them.  Their surgical wounds did not show an increase in healing rate.

While this study brings up some fascinating questions about the recipient’s role in the energy exchange, it reminded me of something I’m seeing happening right now with the C*$^d V@x (you know what I mean).

The V@x is not just a magic pill that does everything for us so we can go on with our lives and not change at all in response to the environment.

My hope would be that we take exquisite care of ourselves under the current circumstances – regardless of V-status, and we all come out healthy and happy on the other side.

May you be blessed with health and Light,

[1] Distant Healing Of Surgical Wounds: An Exploratory Study