In Chinese medicine we have the concept of Wei Qi, our most protective Qi.  Aspects of Wei Qi correspond strongly to our Immune System, however it is also more than that.

Wei Qi surrounds us just above and below our skin, and it also surrounds each of our internal organs.

Our Wei Qi is said to be:  FIERCE, BOLD, UNINHIBITED.  This is some ultimate Yang Energy!

Pause here for a moment and let that sink in.  We each have a part of ourselves that is like an intense warrior protecting us.

If you imagine this, what does your warrior look like?  What do they wear?  How do they stand?  Do they have an accent? Any other details come to mind?

When we perform treatments that boost the immune system, we are also strengthening our Wei Qi.

One of the best places to access this energy is our spine which holds the Du Mai or Governing Vessel channel.  Du Mai nourishes, moves, and influences all of the Yang energy in our body.

Du Mai is also surrounded by powerful acupuncture points including the Back Shu and Hua Tuo Jia Ji points, which connect to all areas of our body.

To strengthen our inner warrior, some of the methods to use include:

  • Massage with special acupressure and cupping
  • Essential oil application (diluted) – some of my favorites for this are White Sage, Frankincense, and Terebinthe Pine
  • Medical QiGong Energy Healing, and self-QiGong movements
  • Vocal Toning
  • Tuning forks with acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • All of the above can be combined with herbal teas and medicinal mushrooms

These are treatments to receive, or if you want to learn how to do them as a practitioner you can enroll in our school, Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.  We have programs in Massage Therapy, Tuina Medical Acupressure, and Medical QiGong Energy Healing.

With these wonderful options, the only thing that would make them even better is the potent Maori Haka Dance.  Check out this 1 min. video for some attitude and get your Wei Qi on!