What a brilliantly marvelous question! My client asked if I thought it would be possible to somehow return to the childhood state of innocence – the time before judgement of others, when everyone just was who they are.

Wow – I had to stop and explore this more.

I personally have 2 distinct memories from my childhood where things changed:

At age 8 my slightly older friend, Shelley, would come over and stand at the fence outside my house.  If I was out playing, I would go on a short walk with her through the neighborhood.  We just walked and talked.

One day someone asked about my “retarded friend Shelley”.  I remember sensing that they were implying something was wrong with her, but I had no idea what, and I felt very defensive of her.

I was 12 or 13 before I became aware of what ‘retarded’ meant. (this was way back in the old days when the word was still used)

Then when I was 14 years old in Junior High School, some of us were standing at the cubby holes putting our band instruments away and someone walked up to our friend, Kevin, and said “Hey, it’s Black Kevin”.

The person didn’t say this in a mean way, only to differentiate this Kevin from another Kevin in our class.

But I remember standing there shocked inside, because Kevin was just Kevin and I had never thought of him as different in any way.  Until now.  This was the very first time I became aware of different races of people.

Do you remember the time before differences among us?

And do you remember the first time you became aware of differences?

“So,” my client said “is there a way to take me back to that state of before any judgement, any differences, back to childhood innocence?  So I can live like that again?”

My first thought here is, If you can imagine it, you can make it real.  YES! There is a way.  Now all we have to do is sort out the details.

I’m considering hypnosis as the main pathway to explore.  Our entire life story is stored in our subconscious mind, so the part of us that is innocent and curious and full of love is still in there somewhere – let’s find it and invite it to come back out and play a much more prominent role in our life.

I’ll be working on this concept over the next couple of months until my client returns from a trip.  My heart is filled with complete gratitude for having been asked this question and opening this possibility.

May you be blessed with Light,
~ Cynthia