Sitting outside meditating, I became acutely aware of the Pause between my inhale and exhale.

Breath is so intensely related to Qi flow, emotions, and even our state of physiology that I started to wonder about the Pause and what secret purpose it serves.

I posed this question on my FaceBook Page, and got a response from a scientist/mathematician – one who, rather than being confined by the norm of repressive scientific dogma, opens fully to creative threads of inspiration and follows them to fascinating places.  Here is the post and his answer:

Mr. E-Scholar’s reply created an exciting expansion in my thoughts and I have to share this!

Energetically what has no direction and all direction simultaneously?  Where is it that information flows between all and one?

This is a description of The Void, that vast expanse of the space where everything and nothingness exists within the mind/consciousness, that is sometimes spontaneously accessed in deep states of meditation and sought after by all seekers.

The Void holds the Akashic Records – a compendium of all events, thoughts, intentions, words spoken, etc. in the entire multi-dimensional universe.

Suddenly the Taoist meditation practice of manifestation had a new level of clarity.  The wise ones say to create an internal image within your dan tian (the area below the navel).  Once the image is held strong, raise it up Chong Mai (the central meridian aka Taiji Pole) and release it from the Third Eye out to the Universe (The Void).  After releasing it just let it go and wait, knowing it is in process.

And how exactly is our intention released into The Void?  Via the Pause in the breath, the access point, the magic portal.

The access point is also the place we go in Energy Healing to retrieve important information, almost like channeling however I would say that it’s different because it’s not coming from some other ‘entity’.

I believe there are a few factors that are essential to work with in entering The Mysterious Pause.

  • First, a meditation practice trains the mind to become released from the bondage of the external material world.  We must be able to easily achieve an altered internal state.
  • Second, the vibration of our Heart energy creates a pureness of intention.  When we come from our Hearts we communicate with the secrets of the Universe.
  • Third, a deep awareness that we are much more than our physical bodies – that we are connected to and part of all that exists, all humanity, all sentient beings, and all that we perceive.

Want to get started?

Sit down and breathe while being aware of your Inhale, Exhale, and the Pause in-between.  Do this until your thoughts wander, and do it several times each day whenever you think about it.

Then ask a question during the Pause.  Ask something like “How can I experience you?” and just listen, not in a hearing way but in a sensing way with all aspects of your Being.  Notice how you receive the answer.

There is so much depth to this topic it could be an entire book.  Have fun with it, I hope it inspires you as much as it does me!

May you be blessed with light,
~ Cynthia