I’ve found that Energy often communicates in dreams.  It seems it’s sometimes easier to explain things in that special time-space than in waking ‘reality’.  I love dreaming with Qi.

The dream was showing me the energetic connection between the 4th Heart Chakra, and 6th Third Eye Chakra.  There is a profound relationship here, and even a small cycle that mimics the Microcosmic Orbit of the Ren and Du channels, I’ll call it the Heavenly Cycle.

Microcosmic Orbit, Taoist meditation with Ren Mai and Du Mai. Original drawing.

The coherence between the 4th and 6th Chakras, also called the HeartMind, creates a chord, a vibrational sound.  The more in-harmony, the clearer and more beautiful the chord.  In disharmony the chord sounds off, out of tune.

In-Harmony is when our Heart is activated.  We go in an out of Heart activation all the time.  The easiest way to activate it is to deeply FEEL gratitude, appreciation, love. Notice what a different space this is.

Out of harmony is a huge range of all the times we’re not In-Harmony.  This can be anything from slightly off, like concentrating on a work project that has to get done, up to being completely stressed out having an anxiety attack and feeling like a huge victim.  The bigger the disharmony, the worse the chord sounds.

This HeartMind chord has a direct relationship to the 5th Throat Chakra, where our voice emanates from.  The vibration of our voice is infused with the vibration of our HeartMind – whatever that vibration, or chord, is.  This is one way that our words can either be healing or hurtful.

Cycle of the HeartMind chord, with 5th Throat Chakra emanating sound influenced by the harmony of the chord.

This connection also has a direct relationship to vocal toning, shamanic healing songs, and even using our voice and words to more consciously create or manifest our experience.  Look at this example of vowel cymatics the human voice makes:

Image credit: @Fractal.Science

Try This Exercise the Dream Taught Me:

  • Close your eyes and imagine inhaling into your 3rd eye, exhaling from your Heart, like it’s making a circle.
  • After several breaths, change it around and inhale into your Heart, exhale from your 3rd eye, still making a circle.
  • After a few minutes, are you able to feel a cycle going in both directions simultaneously?
  • Become aware that your Throat Chakra is vibrating.
  • Vocally tone the vowels while in this space.  Be spontaneous and play with the pitch and order of the vowels until they feel really good to you.

I wonder what would happen if you spoke to someone while in this space.

Can you imagine the cymatic wave pattern of your voice-words-tone-song spreading out into the space and the Field beyond you?

For those that connect with this message, there’s an important aspect of Energy to begin using and experiencing.  I’d love it if you’d contact me with any feedback.

May you be blessed with Light,