During a follow-up session after doing HypnoEnergy Work to balance the Wood Element which connects to the emotion of Anger, my client related her extremely vivid dream:  (Shared with permission)

“I was aware of being in bed, asleep, and I felt my cat walking in circles next to me, about to lay down, only when I looked the cat wasn’t really there. 

Then I heard a sound in the living room.  I got up to see what it was and there was a shadow person by the window.  I couldn’t see any details of the person, but I knew they shouldn’t be in here.

I stood straight, pointed at them, and commanded – in perfect Latin – that they BE GONE NOW, I CAST YE OUT!”

She said the feeling of firmly, authoritatively commanding this shadow made such a strong impression inside of her she could still feel it even after waking up.  And the memory of speaking Latin was so clear and unusual (How did she know Latin?) that this whole experience seemed like more than just a dream.

The next time she felt the Anger that had been bothering her, she closed her eyes and commanded it to Be Gone Now! And it was. And it continued to work again when the Anger tried to sneak back in.

She now has it under control and says she feels Free.

This is one of the ways that HypnoEnergy works by creating the circumstances and potential for change.  The person’s own unconscious mind then provides a profound experience that literally shifts their reality.

Not only did she take control of her emotion, she used her own Anger appropriately as authority with a strong presence.  I love this work!

May you be blessed with Light,