One of the secrets in Energy Healing is that it is not using intellectual thoughts to manipulate reality, it is more about merging oneself so completely with a feeling that you become this reality.  This is an act of Being, not Doing.

So how exactly do we Be this?  We must first allow our HeartMind to resonate in coherence.

Pure coherence resides in a deep state of peace, a surrender to What Is, a sense of preciousness in this moment – no matter what is going on.

It’s easiest to practice this when we are not in a state of desperation or other noisy emotions that detract from centered stillness.  And often during states of despair, anguish, and pain are the times we need coherence the most.

When we’ve practiced it regularly, our neural pathways can light up like a runway, expertly guiding our pilot to the sweet-spot destination of our mind opening as expanded consciousness while our heart bathes in soft bliss.

Our most ancient methods of self-cultivation lead seekers to this knowledge:  QiGong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork, Drumming, Chanting…  These all open the door, then it’s up to us to walk inside.

Activating A Miracle

To activate a miracle, we simply need to feel in our HeartMind what experiencing a miracle feels like and then allow that feeling to deepen and expand until we are thoroughly absorbed into it, the vibration of our self infused with the vibration of a miracle, together creating the most divine chord, so that we exist as One being, One sound, One light.

Start out easily and notice the miracle of a rose blooming, or the way time ceases to exist when we close our eyes and inhale the exquisitely sensual aroma.

Notice the miracle of sunlight, and the way it lovingly greets all the plants as they reach out for it.

Look into the eyes of a baby – human or animal – and imagine what they see, so full of wonder and curiosity and uncontained love.

How many miracles can you find when you start looking for them?  How can you close your eyes and breathe this energy into yourself, until you no longer remain separate?  Can you fill your heart and breathe it out to the whole Universe?

Can you see ALL of life as the divine miracle it is?

Applying The Energy Of A Miracle

  • As you get better and better at being absorbed into the feeling of a miracle, it becomes much easier to call up this feeling quickly.
  • Think of the person, scenario, or situation that you’d like to merge with the energy of a miracle.
  • Activate the state of Being the miracle.
  • In that state, surround the person, scenario or situation with your energy – you ARE the miracle.
  • Love it so much, more than you’ve ever felt before.
  • You’ll know when you’re done.
  • Feel overwhelming gratitude in your Heart and know that things are beautiful and perfect, and you’ve offered a magnificent gift from you Heart.

Important: Remember that this is not intellectual manipulation.  We are acting from the perspective of Spirit which is not at all the same as the emotionally desire-laden perspective where the third-dimensional issue exists.  We are providing Love – not the energy of killing anything, fighting it,  desperately trying to change it.  When we understand this difference we truly open to the Energy of Life.  It takes time and sincerity to walk this path, so keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t let anything stop you.

May you be blessed with the miracle of Light,