What happens when we are externally surrounded by divisiveness, negativity, separation, and even hate?

From a Healer’s point of view, the true question becomes ‘What part of our own energy, our own heart, do we need to heal within ourselves, in order to transcend the darkness and provide it with love?’

Darkness is only a place where Light is not yet shining.

Suffering is only a place where Love is not yet embraced.

What happens when you light a candle in the middle of a dark room?  At first you can see the flame but maybe not recognize what it is.  Soon there’s a small glow around it, and the more your eyes adjust the more you can see.  Eventually you can even see where the light switch is and turn it on.  And when that happens everything you thought you knew about the room changes instantly.

We can’t explain what the room looks like to someone who only knows it in the dark.  BE the light and allow your soft glow to be curiously recognized by those who see it.  Their eyes will adjust at the perfect rate for them to see.

There is no Us and Them.  There is only I and We.  Whatever we think of as ‘Them’ is just the part of ourselves that still needs to be loved into healing.

Want something concrete to use for this?  Sit quietly and set a sincere intention in your heart to BE Light.  Close your eyes and use your voice to tone the “HAAAAH” sound, the vibration of the Heart Chakra, for a few minutes.  Adjust the tone up or down so you really feel it in your heart.  Can you fill your heart and hands with the energy of Love and send it to those you may have previously disparaged in some way?  Send it until you feel overwhelming emotional love, and sense what you have just added to The Field for all humanity.

May you be blessed with Light,

Cynthia  #LoveMore