Using crystals, essential oils, and acupoints, here’s a step-by-step ceremony to create a Grid that will give you an incredible internal experience, while at the same time expressing your heart-felt Qi into the Field.  What is the most important offering for all humanity that You can intend?


Step 1:  Choose your favorite crystal plus 4 smaller ones to surround it, plus one more for your 3rd eye.  Use your intuition to decide which ones feel best for you.  (That’s 5 crystals total.  If you don’t have that many then we need to hang out more and catch you up.)

Energy Crystal Grid

I’m using my latest obsession, Chiastolite, along with four small Larimar, and a Garnet.

Step 2:  Cleanse and recharge the crystals you’ve chosen by either placing them directly on the Earth outside your home, or if that’s not feasible use the soil in a nice houseplant.  One other option is to place them along a window sill that gets sunlight.  Let the crystals know you are cleansing from them everything that is not useful, and ask them to recharge afterwards as much as they need.
(The crystals can stay here for 2-3 hours, up to overnight.)

Energy Crystal Grid

Cleansing & recharging in a house plant since too much snow on ground outside.


Step 3:  Pour a hot cup of tea, connect with your heart, and write out your Blessing for the New Year.  Let your feelings and emotions go into what you write.  When you’re done, place the crystals on the paper and ask them to capture the intention of your Blessing.

Step 4:  Choose 1-2 of your favorite, most meaningful Essential Oils and a small amount of carrier oil.  In a small bowl place a few drops of carrier oil plus 1 drop each of your essential oils.  You just need a small amount to work with.

Essential Oils for Energy Crystal Grid

I’m drawn to Ruh Juhi which is an Indian Jasmine, and Ginger Lily…..mmmmm…….

Step 5:  Find a nice place to lie down flat for 20-min up to 1 hour.  Use soft music in the background if you want.  Make sure you’re warm and comfortable.  You’re going to create the Energetic Grid on yourself.

  • Massage a small amount of the diluted Essential Oils into the PC-6 points (3 fingers-width above the inner wrist crease), Ren-17 (4th Heart chakra, center of the sternum), and Yin Tang (6th chakra, 3rd eye).
  • Now place your favorite crystal on your navel.  It doesn’t matter if it’s directly on your skin or over clothing or a blanket.  Place 4 smaller crystals North, South, East, West of your navel, close but not touching the navel crystal.  Place the last crystal on your 3rd eye.
Energy Flow of Crystal Grid

The shape of the acupoints and the energy flow of the whole design is so important – look how it flows!

Step 6:  Become still and quiet so that you can begin to feel the vibration of the Energy Grid you’ve set up.  It might be subtle or it may actually lightly shake you.  Relax and feel into it.

Step 7:  Begin to vocally tone the AAAAHHHH sound.  Feel the vibration of the Energy Grid and let it come through the vibration of your sound.  Feel the Blessing you wrote and let the feeling of it come out through your sound.  Feel all of this coming from your heart and being offered to Humanity and Source, from You to All.  Tone until you feel done.

Allow the vibration to soften until it dissipates, then remove the stones.  If you have any leftover essential oil blend rub it into your navel area and deeply enjoy the aroma.  That’s it, you’re done.

THANK YOU for doing this.

May You Be Blessed With Light,