The Taoists say there are 3 levels of healing:

  • (Wei Level) Physical healing – just addressing physical symptoms is the lowest level.
  • (Ying Level) Emotional healing – beginning to connect our emotions to physical symptoms is the middle level.
  • (Yuan Level) Spirit/Soul healing – going to the essence of our soul’s purpose in this incarnation and how that connects to the symptoms is the highest level.

What Is The Yuan Level?

Working at the Yuan Level means we are working with ancestral energy as in generational trauma, hereditary issues, and anything that runs in the family.

We are also working with things that are congenital (born with it), and very deep, chronic, serious health issues, and health issues that are complex and mysterious such as the current “mystery illnesses” that are very difficult for doctors to diagnose.

In addition, working at the Yuan Level means we are bypassing the internal organs, the tissues of the body, and going down to the cellular level – the building blocks including DNA – that generates our physical form.  The ‘curious organs’ (Brain, Bones, Marrow, Uterus, Blood Vessels, Gall Bladder, and some say Glands/Hormones also) are part of the Yuan Level.

How To Reach The Yuan Level

When we work with substances like edible food plants and medicinal herbs that grow on and above the Earth, we tend to work in the more superficial levels – the Wei and Ying levels.

Of course there are very special alchemical herbal formulas including the psychedelic realm of plants, esoteric meditations, advanced QiGong, and even trance states in hypnosis.  But there is something more.

To really get deep down into the darkest part of the Yuan level we need to go deep within Gaia.  We go to the stones, the crystals that have taken thousands to millions of years to form.  And when we work with them, we honor the stones as conscious beings.

The Phenomenon in Soul Level Work

In working at the Yuan level, we need to know that we are creating the circumstances for deep things to come up.  Sometimes they’ve been repressed, hidden, or denied for years.

When these things begin to emerge there is a tendency for physical symptoms to appear to get worse.

First I have an important DISCLAIMER:  If someone doing this work feels concerned enough about their symptoms to go to the doctor or Emergency Room, please go!  It is not a failure of any kind to seek medical attention when you need to.

Secrets and Buried Feelings

Now we need to look at the symptoms coming up, the things getting worse.  It can be so easy to be scared at this time, so let your intuition guide you and hear it whisper that this is where you need to go now.  A part of you will Know, with a capital K to go here.

The symptoms can help us with critical information.

Go somewhere private as you need to allow yourself to go deeply into the symptoms you are feeling and describe them.  Be as brutally raw and honest as you can be, hold nothing back.

Either write a list or make a voice recording and describe in detail what the symptoms make you feel.

For example:

“I feel shame.  I don’t want anyone to see me like this or know that I have this.  I feel broken.  I have no control over it.  It makes me feel ugly, like a failure.  Why me???  Haven’t I suffered enough?  I look so awkward.  I hate the way people look at me.  I’m such a burden to my family like this…….. etc…….”

Let it all out.  The deepest, darkest feelings and thoughts you have about the symptoms.

When you’re done, take a minute and Breathe.  You did it and you’re going to be OK.

Analysis Of The Dark

Now look over your list.  Choose something you said and ask yourself what else in your life now or at any time in your past, also makes you feel the same way.

For example, you might consider all the times you’ve ever felt shame.  Is there anything current happening in any part of your life where shame comes up?  Something you dwell on in the back of your mind and don’t tell anyone, and you don’t know what to do about it?

These are types of themes that are replaying.  Your soul is being given the chance to grow and one situation didn’t work so another situation presents.  Same theme, different circumstances.  Pay attention.

Beginning Soul Level Work

Once you can see the theme being presented and be aware of it, you can begin the Soul Level work of healing it.

This is where using Yuan Level treatments can help immensely.  You don’t have to walk the healing path alone.  Herbs, stones/crystals, and other shamanic methods will guide you, walk with you, and stand by you as you have a series of Energy Shifts that will be euphoric and go so far beyond anything you imagined about what healing would be like.

Will it take away the physical symptoms?  I don’t know, there’s no guarantee.

However, it will change you down to the deepest cellular level of DNA, and it will open the doors of possibility that allow the kind of peace you experience when you Know your soul is aligned on the right path.  Much physical and emotional healing happens in this space.

Final Thoughts

Yuan level treatments are not for everyone, and not used just anytime.  Very often we need to start at the superficial Wei and Ying levels, and allow someone to experience small energy shifts first.

Starting at the Yuan level can be either shocking if there is no background, or they just won’t work because the person’s Earth is too hard to dig through.  Prepare the Earth first, then dig only when it’s ready.

It’s a good idea for healers to experience this on a personal level before attempting to guide someone else through it.  And if you’ve found this information interesting and it’s calling you, you’ve found a good place to learn more.

Medical QiGong Energy Healing classes, which include Yuan Level Treatments, are taught at Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.  We also offer community healing and private sessions in this type of healing work.  907-279-0135

May you be blessed with light,