Synchronicity is not linear, its has conscious tendrils that connect events together.

Last week in the advanced acupressure massage class I teach, we talked about Source Points, also called Yuan Source Points, and the nature of the Qi here.  Each of the 12 Primary Meridians has one Source Point which is one of the strongest points for nourishing that meridian.

Yuan is translated as Original – Source  – Ancestral.  Let’s look deeper into the meaning of these words.

Remember that Taoist medicine is fundamentally a shamanic practice.  There is a surface level of information used by lay people, then as one explores more within the practices of self-cultivation such as Meditation, QiGong and Tai Chi, there is a spiral of knowledge that begins to open up.

When we use Yuan Source Points in the alchemical sense, we are calling upon the Source, the Universe, and the Ancestors to infuse the acupoint with significantly powerful Qi.  While this may sound simple, I ask you – Where is it you have to go inside yourself to access this type of communication?  This is some deep sh**.

Now on to where the story gets weird.


Brea Dawson

Massage student, Brea

One of the massage students, Brea, was my demo person for showing where to locate the acupoint Liver-3, which happens to be the Yuan Source Point of the Liver meridian.

When Brea took off her sock I noticed she had a tattoo on her foot that looked like possibly a land mass, so I asked her about it.

She said it’s a map of Kodiak Island (here in Alaska).  This is where her family, her people, her ancestors are from.  Brea is of native Alutiiq (which is the Russian word) or Sugpiaq (which is the original tribal word) descent.

When I pointed to the Yuan Source Point of Liver-3, Brea said “Oh wow, that’s Afognak Island, the place on Kodiak where my ancestors are from!”

Shamanic Tattoo

Brea’s foot tattoo of Kodiak Island, Alaska showing acupoint LV-3

In the past few days Brea has been working with her own Liver Meridian for personal health reasons.  To me, her tattoo and our class discussion of the shamanic meaning in the Yuan Source Points means that her Ancestors are reaching out to her – this is a direct message to her.

How odd is it to have a tattoo that aligns the exact location of your Ancestors with the acupoint that uses Ancestral Qi on a meridian that is shouting to be used for physical symptoms that have the potential to heal on the Soul Level?  It is the absolute perfect time for this energetic event to happen.

It will be super interesting to see what happens as she uses this point and the gift of Qi from her lineage.

As a side note, it’s also interesting that the location of the actual city of Kodiak which is also significant to Brea is located at her Stomach-43 acupoint.

Shamanic Tattoo 2

Location of ST-43 at Kodiak City

May you be blessed with Light,