Several years ago as I was watching the sunrise I ‘received’ the most profound message: “Pay Attention To The Light”.  It was one of those Spirit messages that deeply compels you to listen and act on it.

Since that time I have been researching, studying, and incorporating everything about Light that I can.  It has become a truly fascinating obsession.

I’ve been doing Light treatments on myself to experience firsthand what happens, and I recently had the most interesting experience that I attribute directly to using Light.

I was called to jury duty, and the judge outlined the case to us – the group of potential jurors.  It was dealing with the charge of Domestic Violence.

As we were each questioned, we were asked whether or not we had any direct experience with this topic and I had to answer Yes.

Way back in my early 20’s I was married and the relationship was far from good.  After 2 years of crazy emotional abuse and intimidating controlling behavior that turned into stalking, the marriage ended with me being in fear for my life.  I spent my last night there locked in a room with a gun held to my head for several hours.

First, I’ll say that I have forgiven this person and the entire situation many years ago.  It’s something I think of rarely if ever now.

But then I noticed something:  as I had been asked by the court to recount my Domestic Violence story to see whether or not I was qualified to sit on the jury, I could intensely feel the cellular trauma that remained in my body, and I knew the vibration of the story was still in my cells.  Wow!

As a bodyworker and energy healer, I have had several clients in the past who have had something show up in their body to which they would say “But I got over that whole thing already.  Why is it still in my body?”

This is something I’ve questioned and had not yet found a satisfactory answer to, until now.  Light is giving me new firsthand perspective on this.

Emotions are not as dense as the physical body.  It takes less time for Energy to transform into emotions, and more time for Energy to transform into physical matter.  The same goes in reverse so it takes longer for the body to clear itself.

I can completely feel the Light treatments I’m doing on myself getting down to the cellular level and allowing me to work with clearing body-memory, or shining Light on areas that need it, and there is something very specific about the Light being able to do this.

I’m going to work with this specific cellular memory and record what happens, and how it happens.  I love this work so much!

May You Be Blessed With Light,
~ Cynthia