My client had been experiencing the sense of “other energy, perceptions of other beings like Spirit Guides around them and I want to communicate with them but don’t know how.”

After a brief discussion I had a better feel for a good direction to go in, and also felt that there was a deeper issue they weren’t ready to disclose. That’s ok, because I don’t need to know someone’s secrets to be able to help them. I always respect that.

I had them lay on the table and placed crystals along their Chakras. We did some special breathing and I took them into a light hypnotic trance to have their subconscious mind energetically release any blockages they had in communicating with their Guides.

Then I used Tuning Forks in their energy field as both a clearing and opening treatment. Once their energy field felt clear and vibrant I strongly stimulated their 3rd Eye. I could see their closed eyes moving in response to the energy they were receiving here.

At this point I energetically held the field around their head and talked them through connecting with their Guides, only from the Light. They communicated a “Yes” answer to me by raising their left finger, so I would know when they had connected.

I had them ask very specific questions in their mind and note the answers they received. At this point, the energy in the entire treatment room shifted, and became denser even around me.

Internally, I asked their Guides if there was anything I could help them ask, and I was shown a specific scene. I told my client to ask about it, and they softly cried for just a moment – this was the deeper issue they had, and yes, they received a beautiful answer about it.

As the session ended, we spoke about their experience and I had them notice exactly how they had asked questions and received answers. We all have a very identifiable way in which this happens, and we need to learn to pay attention to it so we can be clear about when it’s happening.

They were very happy with the session and I know they now have such an interesting direction to expand with in life.

~ Cynthia