I was 22 years old, on vacation with my best friend, Bettina, at the beach for a fun week.  The first video cameras for personal use had just been invented and they were huge!  A friend had loaned us theirs for our trip.

Sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean, we took the video camera and interviewed each other.  One of the questions we asked was “What would your perfect world be like?”

My answer to that question was “We don’t speak any words. We can just stand near each other and know everything, so there are no lies, only truth and silence.”

I had no idea I was going to answer that way.  I remember being asked the question and immediately an image formed in my mind of two people made of rainbow-colored Light, knowing each other deeper than anything physical I have ever experienced.

The future impact this image would have on my life is immense.  In energy work the concept has come up repeatedly and profoundly. It is a sacred place I feel extreme comfort in touching. There is an honoring and respect of the other’s life experience, of their soul’s journey here.

When we know each other through our Energy, through our Hearts, we have the most precious connection.  We see each other’s light, our truth.

In session, the first thing I look for is the person’s Light.  I need to see it, and no matter how long it takes, I know it’s there.  This is one of the most important things I can teach.

~ Cynthia