Pay attention to the Light. This message has been coming up in so many different ways over the past few years.  Pay attention to the Light.  I am almost obsessed with this message.

I woke up early to go outside at Dawn, at my parent’s beautiful farm. Perfect quiet peace in the morning. As usual, the Crow flew from North to South, the lone bird in the sky. His flight announced that it was time for the Sun to rise.

I stood with my phone camera, taking pictures as the Light began to emerge. It wasn’t until I looked at them later that I noticed strange orbs that had emerged out of the very first rays of the sunlight.  These orbs came right out of the light, danced around in various places in the lower area of the farmland, then came closer, flitting among the gardenia bushes.  Pay attention to the Light – I heard the voice say it again.

Months later I woke from a dream. Nikola Tesla was talking to me, telling me things about Light.  In the dream I understood it all, but it didn’t make as much waking sense.  Still I knew my subconscious mind had what it needed.  Pay attention to the Light.

For the next 2 summers I craved Sunlight unlike any other craving I’ve ever experienced.  All I wanted to do was sit in the sun and breathe it in, feel the warmth on my face, let the Light touch me, meditate and listen to it. I sense beings in the Light. I sense Light as part of me.

Doing Energy Healing work, I began to “see” symbols in light columns coming down.  The symbols would move my fingers in ways I just surrendered to and allowed to flow.  I understood that the Light symbols were communicating healing information that the cells needed.

As I meditated just yesterday, I heard the voice of Light. I asked “what do you call yourself”? and she said “Dew”.  And then she said:

“The morning sun light – rays of the sun – carry information that infuses water, especially the morning Dew, absorbed into plants, the earth, animals, people, and even evaporated into our air.

The water is the physical medium required for transmuting the light information into usable information (within the physical realm).  Part of the mechanism is the vibration it creates – UMMMMMMM – which means “Unto life light is given”.  [I understand to create this vibration with my voice]

Awareness of this is beginning to bloom like a flower, opening to a new way of Being (for all of humanity).  So be it.”

May you be blessed with Light,