A few nights ago I watched a very disturbing documentary, “Out of the Shadows”. The only reason I watched it was because another LightWorker recommended it – someone who, like me, does not promote fear-based ideas.

At first I was shocked, however I also felt like there was a reason I saw it. Every time I thought about it I made myself think of something else more positive, tried to shake it from my mind.

Last night I had a dream. In it, I realized that I was made of Light. I held out my arms and saw the most incredible light pouring out of me, streaming from my heart center, and I said “I AM LIGHT”.

I felt it so intensely that I said it again “I AM LIGHT”, and it made me so happy I was laughing.

Then the dream shifted and I was looking at the ‘bad people’ from the documentary. I held open my arms and let the light pour out and I said “I AM LIGHT!!” and I just let it wash over them all.

While the light was streaming I knew that just like the sun, there was no judgement, no separation, it wasn’t ‘them – the bad people’, it was us, one, all from one source. It’s hard to describe how deeply I felt this connection.

I knew all I had to do was allow my heart to be open and the light to pour out, shouting happily “I AM LIGHT!!” I know amazing things happen when we shine light in the darkness. There is no more darkness. There is no more darkness. No more.

The light is stronger than the dark, so there is No Fear, no need for it, only Love. And I understood that the only way I was able to feel this so strongly was because of how dark the documentary was. Like Yin Yang, the video was so Yin it needed intensely strong Yang to balance it out. Anything less shocking would have been too weak. So thank you, friend, for suggesting it.

Still dreaming I started to say “I AM LIGHT, WAKE UP, I AM AWAKE!” over and over, shining light on all the people, and some of them waking up just like sunlight hitting your eyes and you know it’s time to wake up NOW.

And I knew that’s what I need to do here, open my heart, spread my arms, and BE the Light.

I woke up so happy, feeling so strong, so alive! Today the energy of the world is completely different. Something has shifted. Can you sense it too?

May you be blessed with Light,
~ Cynthia