This is an exquisite Series of treatments using the 8-Extraordinary Meridians that will take you on a guided journey of deep healing and awakening.  It can be booked in both our professional and student clinics.

Each series consists of 3 sessions, one per week. We recommend completing them all for the full experience.

During the series we suggest keeping a dream journal and giving yourself special meditation time to integrate the energy shifts you will have.

We will also teach you special QiGong and breathing exercises to do along the way which support emotional changes.

May you Love More.

Series #1:
Opening The Light Path

We begin by removing energy blocks, both internal and external, so the following treatments reach a deeper level.

Series #2:
The Origin – Connecting With Source

This series activates the 3 deepest energy channels that begin to form at the moment of conception.

Series #3:
Tree of Life, Ancestral Patterns

We continue by shifting patterns and themes that keep coming up, both in yourself and through your family history.

Series #4:
I-Ching Oracle

We will do an I-Ching Oracle reading at the beginning of each session, tying it directly to specific energy pathways that are affecting you in the moment of Now.

Series #5:
Golden Light Seal

This series culminates the treatments by bringing it all together and wrapping you in Golden Light energy, sealing and integrating the shifts you’ve made.


These treatments are for those who are already on a “spiritual journey” or deep quest into your life purpose.
Journey Of The Awakened Soul series will provide insights, guidance, and support to help expand your consciousness into the areas only your heart can go.

Thank you for being part of the collective bringing more light into the world.

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